Kate (21) of AEGEE Brussel

Sunday, June 10th, 2012 at 12:00

Kate (21), the President of AEGEE Brussel/Bruxelles, participated in the HOPE XXL workshop at the AEGEE Spring AGORA in Enschede. She was inspired to apply for the upcoming conference. Here's a short interview with her!

What was your first impression of HOPE XXL?

Before the Spring AGORA at Enschede, organised by AEGEE, I had never truly heard of HOPE XXL. I had read about it online and found it at first nothing more but a very promising initiative. During the AGORA we received a dedicated workshop about HOPE XXL seen as we are exactly an association with the same objective as HOPE XXL: Push forward active citizenship and demonstrate that the youth of today truly is the future and it deserves to be heard.  What I like most is the fact that there is a clear and attainable objective and worked-out action plan.
What do you think of HOPE XXL’s efforts to develop a new vision on the future?
When I found out about it, I truly thought ‘Finally!’. In too many occasions the voice of youth is neglected or simply ignored. I truly believe this conference could bring forward a solid and very convincing draft document which will state the vision of the young Europeans concerning the future. We need to think big, but stay realistic and make the most out of it. 
Which aspect of HOPE XXL is most important to you?
The fact that this conference will bring people together with completely different backgrounds and life experiences, but still with one thing in common: willing to contribute to a better future. 
Why do you want to participate in the European conference?
I have met a lot of people from all around Europe and I have seen with my own eyes that not everyone has the same opportunities in life, I have heard their stories and I want to personally make sure that they get heard by other people as well. This conference is a good start. Personally I am very concerned about sustainability, economics and politics. 
What do you hope that comes out of the European conference?
I hope the conference will give the necessary input to create realistic and attainable proposals for the Liemers List. Ideally would be that our Liemers List creates a serious discussion at the UN, because only by discussion we will be certain our proposals are taken seriously.