Lisa: Why I am applying for the European Conference!

Friday, June 8th, 2012 at 12:00

Lisa (23) from Germany is one of the applicants for the European HOPE XXL conference. Here's a short interview about her reasons to apply!

What was your first impression of HOPE XXL?

It seemed to me that HOPE XXL is going to be a fun event where one can meet loads of new people and get various new impressions. Nevertheless, it also appeared to be the perfect opportunity to listen to interesting new input and contribute to the creation of a young future vision.
What  do you think of HOPE XXL's efforts to develop a new vision on
the future?
I believe that every effort to make the world we live in a better place, is a good one. However, HOPE XXL’s effort and its approach to work on the Liemers List are a good way to involve many young opinions in a structured manner. I hope these efforts will show good results.
Which aspect of HOPE XXL is most important to you? 
For me, the most important aspect is the exchange with other young people from different countries and the listening to their stories and opinions. I think in order to develop a common future vision it is very important to first understand each other’s issues and problems. Furthermore, I am especially touched by the current precarious employment situation for young people worldwide. Thus, I hope HOPE XXL will provide opportunities to talk about this difficulty.
 Why do you want to participate in the European conference?
I would like to participate because I am enjoying to broaden my horizons by listening to other people. Moreover, I would like to grab the opportunity to share my views on different global issues. Last but not least, I am naturally also looking forward to have a great time and enjoy Leiden and The Hague!
What do you hope that comes out of the European conference?
I hope the conference will be more than a mere opportunity for young people to enjoy themselves but will become a true chance to voice opinions and be heard by the UN General Assembly. 
To read more about the conference, please click here