Monday Insights: 6 quick facts about women worldwide

Monday, September 10th, 2012 at 12:00

Every week we post Monday Insights, sharing knowledge with you about themes found in HOPE XXL. This week we’re stating 5 quick facts about half the world’s population: women!
1. In 1911, only two countries in the world allowed women to vote. Today, that right is almost universal.
2. Women around the world are still underrepresented in politics. By mid-2011, only 28 countries could claim that women’s parliamentary representation had reached a 30 percent or more. Only 19 women were leading their countries as elected heads of state or government.*
3. 222 million women worldwide have a need for contraceptives, but they cannot get a hold of it. In Sub-Saharan this is the case for over 20% of women.
4. In India, 74.8 percent of rural women are agricultural workers but only 9.3 percent own the land.*
5. The country with the highest percentage of women in parliament is…Rwanda! With a percentage of 56,3% they top the list. 
6. Girls aged 15-19 years in Sub-Saharan Africa have a chance of getting HIV that’s six times higher than boys the same age. Reasons include sexual violence and early marriage. 
* Source: UN Women 

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Hope to see you next week, when we are discussing the International Day of Peace!