Young people from 25 countries sign European Liemers List

Sunday, December 9th, 2012 at 12:00

The European HOPE XXL Conference was concluded this Saturday with the signing of the European Liemers List. Young people from 25 European countries developed their vision of the future, which will be presented to the United Nations General Assembly.  


For many the visit of Kofi Annan was the highlight of the conference that took place in Leiden and The Hague. The former Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate encouraged the group to continue their unique project. "Young people travel a lot. They easily establish contact and are much more open than my generation". Mr. Annan encouraged the group to follow their dreams. "Thank you for your involvement. I regard you as the leaders of the 21st century. Please give a big hand for this group."

At the HOPE XXL table Kofi Annan spoke about United Nations reform and the role young people play in making a change. The event attracted an audience of over 800 mostly young people. 

Former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende opened the conference with a speech on youth leadership. Chair of the European Council Mr. Herman van Rompuy contributed a video message. HOPE XXL is looking back on taking some important steps towards the United Nations. Participant Enitsa Gabrovska (22) from Bulgaria: “I am inspired, empowered and ready to change the world." The conference, which was supported by Achmea and organised with Leiden University, is proof for the participants that it is possible to leave the world a better place.