People in 67 countries organise HOPE XXL event

Friday, July 26th, 2013 at 12:00

During the global Lions Convention in Germany, people from 67 countries have committed to discuss the Liemers List back home. Using the special HOPE XXL kit, they will organise a dialogue to give their feedback to the Liemers List, our vision of the future.
HOPE XXL was at the convention to invite people worldwide to think with us about the Liemers List. With the events that are going to take place in 67 countries in the coming months, there will be a global dialogue about issues that affect us all: sustainability, development, human rights, economics and much more.
HOPE XXL will take all feedback on the Liemers List into account for the development of our global vision of the future. When we receive pictures of local events, we will post them on our website and our Facebook page!