Announcing the HOPE XXL Global Summit

Friday, August 22nd, 2014 at 12:00

In January 2015 the HOPE XXL Global Summit will take place. This international event is the culmination of our efforts to develop young people's vision on the future. Young people from all over the world will together establish the global Liemers List, which will be presented to the United Nations in 2015!

The Global Summit build on previous events in HOPE XXL's history: the start in the Liemers region, the national conference in 2011, the European conference in 2012, the Peace Panorama in 2013 and the Triple-A Summit in 2014. During all of these events the Liemers List was further developed. Participants in the Global Summit have the honor of finalizing this international vision on the future. 

The Global Summit is organized in close cooperation with the UN-mandated University for Peace, and will take place at their campus in Costa Rica. 

Registration will open for UPEACE students in September 2015; there will be no open call for applications. 

We are happy to work with UPEACE on this exciting event!

For more information about the Global Summit, please contact conference@hope-xxl.com