Mary Robinson on freedom and human rights

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 at 12:00

Mary Robinson, former Prime Minister of Ireland and former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, delivered the annual Liberation Day speech in The Netherlands on May 5th. 

She commemorated D-Day, the landing of Allied Forces that proved to be a turning point in World War II. The Universal Declaration on Human Rights that was adopted by the United Nations after the war is an important guideline that can help us safeguard our freedom.

She said: "It is time to revisit the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to recognise how essential its articles are to our freedom and wellbeing. It is a living document which is the birth right of everyone born since 1948."
Nelson Mandela was mentioned as an important role model for young people. "They are more idealistic than their elders. They respond to those they can see are idealistic and are prepared to suffer for it. Their idealism is something to be nurtured."
In short, a very inspiring speech for HOPE XXL and for anyone who wants to see a world in which we can all live in peace!

You can read Mary Robinson's full speech here.