Blog by Lukas on the Global Summit

Thursday, January 29th, 2015 at 12:00

Lukas Martini (20) is participating in the HOPE XXL Global Summit which takes place from 27 – 30 January at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. He’s writing about the dialogues taking place at the event. “Being with different people makes this conference very inspiring. The discussions provide new perspectives on the future.”
Below is Lukas’s blog on content of the first two conference days!
Day 1: Tuesday 27 January
“A list made by young people that includes the human rights doctrine newly formulated with a vision.” This was how one of the participants of the HOPE XXL Global Summit at the University for Peace in Costa Rica formulated his view on the Liemers List during the welcoming. Followed by the introduction to the conference, the HOPE XXL group members laid down the origin and idea behind the vision of the Liemers List.
It all started with brainstorm sessions 5 years ago, with the ultimate goal that one day everyone on earth can grade their life as good. This was implemented in the premises of the Liemers List. In order to assure that goal, the List was developed during four previous conferences. The creation is based on dialogue principles such as taking multiple perspectives into consideration and having a positive attitude to achieve goals.  
The Global Summit is the last step in finalizing the List, before presenting it to the United Nations. Apart from the HOPE XXL members, the conference consists of students from the United World College Costa Rica and students from UPEACE. They can share new ideas and opinions about the Liemers List with the initial founders to complete and to achieve international support for it.
Moreover, in the afternoon, professor of Philosophy, Thomas Mertens form Nijmegen University addressed the issue that we have to give attention to the underlying principles of the Liemers List. He was pointing out that the United Nations is the best institution to present the Liemers list to, but one has to keep in mind that it does not have the same underlying principles. The L