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Thursday, February 5th, 2015 at 12:00

From 27 – 30 January the HOPE XXL Global Summit took place at the University for Peace in Costa Rica. With young people from all over the world we developed the Liemers List further. We will finalize the global Liemers List in the coming weeks! 

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The Liemers List: A Vision that unites young people from all over the World
From 27 – 30 January the HOPE XXL Global Summit took place in Costa Rica. Young people with different nationalities from all over the world came together at the University for Peace to attend lectures, debate and exchange opinions with one another. But what do the participants, young people from Bolivia, Uganda, Japan, the Netherlands and many other countries have in common? What unites them all is the vision of creating a better future for upcoming generations, no matter their origin. 
Based on this vision, the HOPE XXL Foundation came to life, trying to bring the youth of the world together and think about ideas and establish values to make the world a better place. It all started with brainstorm sessions 6 years ago in the Netherlands, with the ultimate goal in mind that one day everyone on earth can grade their life as “good”. In order to achieve this goal, young Dutch people formulated their ideas about topics such as international cooperation, peace and security and environmental sustainability. They called the declaration “the Liemers List”, after the place of origin. Since then, the List was further developed during four following conferences. Fundamental values of the evolution were dialogue principles, such as taking multiple perspectives into consideration and having a positive attitude to achieve goals. 
During the HOPE XXL Global Summit conference in Costa Rica the participants developed the fifth version, which can now be called the global Liemers List. Part of this process were students from the University for Peace, students from United World College Costa Rica and HOPE XXL youth. 
The conference days were always started with a recapitulation of the previous day, followed by lectures. Afterwards we discussed the different chapters of the Liemers List. Certainly the speech given by Thomas Mertens on the first day, who is a philosophy professor at Radboud University Nijmegen, was inspiring. He analysed with his philosophical way of thinking, the underlying principles of the Liemers List, which he identified as “well-being, duties and sustainability” and made us think about the values we are striving for. For myself, I could conclude two important points. First, being reassured that with the ideas we worked out, the project is heading into the right direction and secondly, being strengthened in my conviction how important the task is.
I believe, I was not the only one who thought like that. I experienced the meetings as a diverse mix of young people who all wanted to solve the same global issues in the world, but had sometimes different ideas how to do so. Therefore the challenge evolved to find a formulation on controversial points that almost everyone could agree on. This led to extensive discussions over certain articles. Although there will always be an existing point of view that disaccords with certain phrasing of the articles in the List, the essential is that the participants had a common goal that united them: To change the world for the better. This consensus was expressed in the enthusiasm and strong will of every single person, which impressed me.
While the Liemers List is being revised with the outcomes of the Global Summit, the next big step was already made. Yama Akbari, spokesperson for HOPE XXL presented the Liemers List to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum 2015 on the 3rd of February. In his speech he emphasised the aims of the project and now we hope that the UN will help us, to implement the young people’s vision on the future, in the form of the Liemers List, on a global level. This means not that the work for HOPE XXL is done, but it starts to find application.

We can now gradually shift from drafting the vision into realising it. In order to ensure the List stays up to date in the upcoming years new conferences have to be organised to discuss future issues. All in all, the basic structure of the Liemers List is established, however the state where everyone can grade their life as “good” is not yet in sight.

Therefore we, the young people, have to continue working towards our common vision!