HOPE XXL in 2016

Monday, January 11th, 2016 at 12:00

The new year has started and HOPE XXL has lots of plans to make this a special year. Find out here what we're planning to do! 

Implementing the Liemers List
One of the most important plans for 2016 is to start realizing the action points from the Liemers List, our shared vision on the future. This is especially true for our home region in the Liemers, The Netherlands. Lots of behind the scenes work is ongoing to develop a partnership for implementation. It would mean that the region will start to work together and raise happiness levels to an eight or more. To be continued!

Visit to the United Nations
We will visit the UN once more, on the occasion of the ECOSOC conference in early February. Here we will meet with fellow participants to discuss the Global Goals and our plans to increase global wellbeing. 

New season for national debating competition
In January the new season for the Lagerhuis debating competition will commence. HOPE XXL is a partner in this nationwide event with qualifying rounds taking place all over The Netherlands. Topics of debate will include the situation of refugees in Europe and how to tackle climate change. 

This is a quick overview of all that's to happen in 2016: Follow us on Facebook for the latest news!