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What is the goal of HOPE XXL?
HOPE XXL aspires a world in which each person grades his or her life as ‘good’. That is why we drafted the Liemers List: a document containing young people’s vision on the future. We presented the global Liemers List to to the United Nations in 2015. They were asked to take the lead in implementing the Liemers List.
Who are the young people of HOPE XXL?
The young people of HOPE XXL are all young people who think with us about the Liemers List and support HOPE XXL on the way to the United Nations. Young people from all over the world share their vision on the future and support HOPE XXL. Together they form a group of people who can change the world!
How is HOPE XXL organised?
HOPE XXL was started by ten young people. They are still involved with HOPE XXL, just like thousands of others who have since then joined HOPE XXL. The HOPE XXL Foundation is set up to run the daily activities of HOPE XXL. A small staff team works for the Foundation and executes its programs.


Who wrote the Liemers List?
The very first Liemers List was written by the ten people who started HOPE XXL. They all had their roots in the Liemers region. Since then, we developed newer versions with the help of young people from all over the world. The final version was developed during the HOPE XXL Global Summit held in Costa Rica in 2015.
Who decides what’s in the Liemers List?
Anyone can give input to the Liemers List. You can do this by responding to items in the list or by contacting us through the website or through Facebook.
What about all those young people who haven’t had the chance to give input?
HOPE XXL wants to give as many people as possible the opportunity to give input. That’s why we visit schools and festivals and organize HOPE XXL events. Anyone who hasn’t given their input, still can; the Liemers List remains open to adjustments.

UN and implementation

Why does HOPE XXL aim to present the Liemers List to the United Nations?
The United Nations is the main forum for international cooperation. Almost all countries in the world are united there. Cooperation takes place on issues such as international law, global security, human rights, economics and development. The (reformed) United Nations will be asked to take the lead in implementing the Liemers List. To conclude: to us, the United Nations is the best place to present our vision on the future.
Who is going to implement the Liemers List?
The United Nations, as the main forum for international cooperation, will be asked to take the lead in implementing the Liemers List. This can imply that the UN drafts resolutions or arranges meetings where the implementation of the Liemers List is arranged. But the UN cannot do it alone. That’s why we are already starting to implement the list in our home region in The Netherlands!
What are HOPE XXL’s plans for the future?
Up until 2015 our goal was to develop the global Liemers List and present this to the United Nations. In early 2015 we achieved both of these goals! We have now shifted to implementation: Ensuring that people all over the world can grade their lives as good. We plan to start working on this in our home region in The Netherlands in 2015!
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