National activities

HOPE XXL is based in The Netherlands. We organise a number of activities in The Netherlands and often participate in events organised by our partners. Here you find an overview of our activities on the national level; for our international activities, click here.
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Debating competition
This year HOPE XXL organises a national debating competition for high school students. The competition is the largest of its kind in The Netherlands with contestants from around 200 high schools.
In the coming months qualifying rounds take place in all Dutch provinces. The winners will meet in the national finals, where they will compete in a final that will be broadcast on television. HOPE XXL organises the competition with broadcasting organisation VARA and the debating experts of Het Debatbureau.

For more information (in Dutch): www.ownhlagerhuis.nl

HOPE XXL also offers a separate school program. We are visiting schools throughout The Netherlands to present the project and discuss our manifesto. Students can form their own opinion about HOPE XXL and enter into discussion about the various themes. The program offers various options, depending on the school’s wishes. It can be part of regular classes, as a workshop program or as a big, school-wide event.

HOPE XXL and its partners have years of experience in education and offer a program which is interactive, entertaining and thought-provoking. A typical HOPE XXL school program offers a combination of the following elements:

  • Interactive workshop about HOPE XXL
  • Group assignments about one or more of the themes of HOPE XXL, such as international cooperation or war & peace.
  • Debates about the Liemers List: improve your debating skills while forming an opinion about global issues.
  • Meetings with local government, for example with the mayor.

Contact us for more information about the school program.

The specially designed HOPE XXL caravan takes the HOPE XXL team all across the country to visit festivals and talk about the project. The HOPE XXL youth discuss the Liemers List with visitors. Of course, everyone can respond to the manifesto and have influence on the list!
These festivals are amongst the ones we visited the past years:

  • Liberation Festival, Wageningen
  • Festival Mundial, Tilburg
  • World event, Utrecht
  • Appelpop, Tiel
  • Africa Day, The Hague

HOPE XXL at your school, festival or event
Would you like HOPE XXL to visit you as well? Schools and associations, as well as event organizers can contact us to see if we can work together.

Maarten in the HOPE XXL caravan