Young people

HOPE XXL was initiated by ten youth leaders from The Netherlands. By now, HOPE XXL has grown much larger. Young people across the country and far beyond have joined HOPE XXL by responding to the manifesto, taking part in events or inviting HOPE XXL to their schools.
We’re thrilled about all the people who have become involved!

The HOPE XXL youth in numbers:
  • 10 Founders who started HOPE XXL in 2009 and who remain involved;
  • Over a hundred young people inside and outside of The Netherlands who are actively involved in HOPE XXL and meet regularly; Meet Nusrat from Bangladesh, for example.
  • Over a thousand young people from all over the world who think with us about the Liemers List and have participated in one of our international events;
  • Tens of thousands who like us on Facebook and support us on our way to the United Nations!

Meet Nusrat Jabin

What Nusrat has done for HOPE XXL

Nusrat Jabin is a passionate young leader from Bangladesh. She did her under graduation in Public Health from Asian University for Women (AUW), Bangladesh. She also studied in SciencesPO, France for a one-year exchange program. Nusrat is working as the Bangladesh country representative of HOPE XXL. From 2014, she has started her journey with the HOPE XXL Foundation. Nusrat was selected as a participant of the HOPE XXL Triple-A Summit by surpassing hundreds of other candidates. She has actively contributed to the Liemers List: a long-term vision on the future. In the last year, Nusrat has designed the “Bangladeshi Roaring Youth” project to involve young people from both Bangladesh and the Netherlands so that they can work together towards a better and sustainable future. She has also assisted HOPE XXL to organize the “Straight to Eight” conference in the Netherlands in May 2016, where group of students from Bangladesh and the Netherlands discussed the “Bangladeshi Roaring Youth” project together. This project is the first implementation of HOPE XXL’s People’s Partnership as proposed in the Liemers List. At present Nusrat is involved in the process of implementing the project in Bangladesh.