The HOPE XXL Foundation carries out all activities and works towards achieving the objectives of HOPE XXL. For this, the foundation has a team of people who carry out the daily activities. In addition, the board oversees all activities.

HOPE XXL was initiated by ten youth leaders from The Netherlands in 2009.

By now, HOPE XXL has grown much larger. Young people across the country and far beyond have joined HOPE XXL by responding to the manifesto, taking part in events or inviting HOPE XXL to their schools.

The Official Part.

Public Benefit Institution (ANBI)

The HOPE XXL Foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Arnhem under number 09221441. Tax number: 8224.02.920. The HOPE XXL Foundation has been designated by the Tax Authorities as a Public Benefit Institution (ANBI). See the following links for the annual accounts: 2012, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021. You can download the ANBI statement here and here.

Statutory Objectives

  1. to guide the way towards a better and fairer world based on solidarity, with room for diversity and with a view to balancing freedom and equality;
  2. to make concrete, apart from existing political constitutions and religious dogmas, the wish that every person wants to live in good health, in peace, in harmony with his environment, in freedom and with a good balance between prosperity and well-being;
  3. request society, united in political, religious and social connections, to help realize the universal wish, as expressed under a and b.
  4. inciting discussion with regard to the provisions under a, b and c, on the basis of the Liemers List;
  5. performing all further acts that are related to the above in the broadest sense or may be conducive thereto

The complete Dutch statutes can be downloaded here

Reward Policy

The board members perform their duties without remuneration. Employees do not work with performance-related pay or bonuses. The grading of employees does not deviate from the Government Tariffs Manual as drawn up by the central government.


De heer P.J. Buhler
De heer C.H.C. Thijssen
De heer R.G.W.M. Thuss
De heer S.A. Thöni
De heer M. Delen
Mevrouw J.G.M. van der Beek
De heer C.A.W.M. van de Ven

The Council of Recommendation

"Amazing to see how much HOPE XXL has achieved so far"

Jan Terlouw

Former Minister, author
"HOPE XXL can actually succeed!"

Freek de Jonge

Renowned Dutch performer and idealist
"It is inspiring to see that such a successful project started with ten young people."

Jan Pronk

Former Minister for Development Cooperation
"There is a strong need for a new perspective on sustainability."

Louise Fresco

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Wageningen UR
"I am deeply impressed by HOPE XXL and the Liemers List."

Alexander Rinnooij Kan

Professor of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam
"HOPE XXL triggers curiosity."

Herman van Veen

"HOPE XXL gives me faith"

Antoine Bodar

"I wish anyone a joyous celebration of life."

Ruud Lubbers †

Former Prime Minister
"HOPE XXL has achieved a truly universal manifesto!"

Roué Verveer

Artist and performer
"I am happy to join the Council of Recommendation."

Geert-Jan Knoops

"Current times are confusing. More than ever we need a sustainable view on the future, civic engagement, a spirit of responsibility and a positive approach. That's why I support HOPE XXL"

Jan Peter Balkenende

Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands (2002-2010)
"I am very enthusiastic about your ambition."

Guusje ter Horst

Former member of the Dutch Senate and former minister.
"UNICEF supports HOPE XXL in its focus on child rights."

Jan Bouke Wijbrandi

Director, UNICEF The Netherlands
"I am convinced that every person is susceptible to reason. HOPE XXL encourages young people to form and to share their own vision on this."

Gerrit Zalm

Former CEO ABN Amro Bank, former finance minister
"Beyond cultural differences, there is a human being that is universal"

Bettine Vriesekoop

"Earth is a miracle, but humankind uses and abuses this wonder that was lent to us. I wish for HOPE XXL to put an end to this threat to the livability of our planet. "

Dries van Agt

Former prime minister of The Netherlands
"Dream together, act together towards a sustainable world!"

Marjan Minnesma

Director Urgenda
"It's absolutely refreshing that HOPE XXL takes a universal perspective. This makes barriers, boundaries and limitations disappear. I believe that HOPE XXl will achieve the dream!"

Bercan Gunel

CEO Woman Capital
"Optimists are happier, have happier children and live longer! To me, HOPE XXL is full of optimism!"

Leo Bormans

Author of the World Book of Happiness
"I am touched by this remarkable story."

Hans Wiegel

Politician, Former Deputy Prime Minister
"A sustainable world can be achieved"

Ruud Koornstra

"It is high time for a counterweight to cynicism in the Netherlands."

Prof. Dr. Maarten van Rossem

"HOPE XXL builds on existing structures and adds unique insights."

Elco Brinkman

Group chairman, Dutch Senate
"HOPE XXL offers a helicopter view on society."

Herman Wijffels

Economist, politician and Professor of Sustainability and Social Change
"I am looking forward to discussing the Liemers List with the young people of HOPE XXL."

Petra Stienen

Publicist and former diplomat
"HOPE XXL can be of help to President Obama in achieving global change!"

Willem Post

International advisor, Clingendael Institute for International Relations
"Great initiative!"

Kirsten van den Hul

UN women's representative
"HOPE XXL is exemplary for thinking outside the box."

Kars Veling

Former parliamentary party leader, ChristianUnion
"HOPE XXL is a remarkably sympathetic concept."

Pieter Winsemius

Former Minister, Council member of the Scientific Council for Government Policy
"I believe in the People's Partnership."

Hanna Verboom

"HOPE XXL soon caught my attention."

Anniek Mauser

Head of Sustainability Unilever Benelux
"HOPE XXL inspires and motivates."

Jan Schinkelshoek

Former member of Parliament
"I am happy to support young talent in their endeavours."

Jan Jaap van der Wal

Performer and TV personality
"I support HOPE XXL in their goal of going to the United Nations."

Ad Melkert

Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General
"Sustainable development is the key to our future!"

Jan Jonker

Professor Corporate Social Responsibility
"I am impressed by the success HOPE XXL has achieved."

Robbert Dijkgraaf

Director of and Leon Levy Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton
"It is wonderful that HOPE XXL started in Duiven!"

Henk Zomerdijk

Mayor of Duiven municipality
"Internationally, HOPE XXL has a lot to offer."

Theodor Brauer

Mayor of the municipality of Kleve, Germany
"The meeting in Zevenaar was an impressive experience."

Jan de Ruiter

Former mayor of the municipality of Zevenaar, The Netherlands